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Notes on Iontophoresis Machines for Sweaty Hands and Legs


Sweating is regarded to be a very healthy process in the body which helps the body to fight some of the diseases and also to deal with some issues of the bod in the best manner possible. However when one starts sweating profusely especially on their hands and the legs, normally it is considered to be a problem that needs to be looked into details. Usually, some of the occasions that people will have to sweat are when there is a lot of temperatures in the body due to the activities people engage in and some other factors.


However, people with an excessive sweating disorder will sweat even during the cold days which are one of the things people need to consider having a remedy for. Most of the resources people choose to engage in like carrying of a dry towel will not solve the problem, and therefore there is a need for people to have a permanent solution to this. Iontophoresis machine is used by people who have the issue as a way of making sure that they are dealing with the problem in the right manner. It is a painless method that people use without any fear and involves the use of current which will help in blocking the places where sweat comes out of the body.


This is a method that will need one to have the machines which in most cases they can get them from a dermatologist. The process is purely not expensive, and therefore people may not understand difficulties in getting the services if they have the problem. Some of the methods which involved some injections are now replaced by a technique which works efficiently and helps many clients with the problem.  Read more about hyperhidrosis at http://corposcindosis.wikia.com/wiki/File:Hyperhidrosis_-_Mayo_Clinic.


The device has a basin of treated water and is connected to it through terminals which get the electric charge from the batteries. One is expected to be very much careful to regulate the current flowing to the water before dipping the hands and the feet in the water. The purpose of the use of the present is to activate some minerals in the treated water so that they will be able to get in the sweat pores. When they get to the sweat pores, it is they create a temporary thickness meaning they will not allow sweat through the pores. It is not a permanent condition but can serve someone better than the other methods. Once the problem starts, one is supposed to repeat the process. Know more about Iontophoresis machine here!